2013: A Year in Review

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2014 is just a few hours away, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do a year in review post.  Honestly, 2013 has had some ups and downs for me - mostly due to the craziness of writing my master's thesis and a work injury (detailed below) - so I am very grateful that I have an incredible group of friends, a very supportive family, and a special guy in my life who is just... awesome. I would be lost without you all! <3  

Project 52

This year began with my personal photo challenge Project 52. My goal was to create one conceptual/artistic image a week in order to practice and grow technically and creatively as a photographer. I was inspired by those who did 365 challenges... but I knew that a photo a day was just too insane. It turned out that a photo a week would be too demanding as well, and I had to put the project on hold in order to focus on work and finishing my master's program. I don't consider the challenge a complete failure though, I did push myself to work on more conceptual ideas, and I walked away with some images that I am really proud of. My favorites are below.


For years I wanted to create an official website instead of just using my Blogspot account to share work, and this year I finally made it happen. I wanted the site to look amazing, but I could never afford to hire a professional. I decided that if I wanted to be able to make changes and update it regularly, I would have to do the research and teach myself, so I did.  In July www.julieboydphotography.com went live. Of course, it is still a work in progress (and as a perfectionist I suppose it will never really be done), but I am thrilled to have it and I look forward to making it even more awesome.


Online Store

In the past, I have self-fufilled order requests for landscape prints. However, with the creation of my website, I decided to make it easier on everyone this year and create an online store. I'm currently featuring mountain scenes from my travels to Yosemite, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Parks. All of the prints are done on Fuji Pearl Paper and are processed in a professional lab. They are a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home, or to add a pop of color to a lonely wall.  

Check it out here: 



The Big Scare

I have only shared this with a few clients and friends, but I suppose it's time to come clean with why I have not been posting very much work lately. This year I went through (and still am going through a pretty big scare). In July I tore cartilage in my wrist due to using a computer too much, and it has caused me to have severe tendonitis in my hand, arm, and elbow. As you can imagine, it has made doing photography very difficult, and impossible at times. I am so lucky that I have an amazing support team in my sister and boyfriend, and they have helped me keep my passion going (albiet at a slower rate). It was very hard to turn client inquiries down though, and to ask for help when it comes to doing anything on the computer.  In November, since I was still not improving, I decided to take a risk and get Cortisone shots.  Luckily, they helped and I am now on the mend. There is always a chance that I could relapse (which scares the heck out of me), but I am hoping to ease back into everything slowly and keep the flare-ups at bay.

Love and finding my Niche

Late summer and fall brought on a few lovebirds. This year has taught me that I absolutely love shooting engagement photos, which is a great discovery because for some time I have struggled to figure out what my niche is. Am I a portrait photographer? A conceptual photographer? A landscape photographer? I have always just done them all, despite that fact that every "how to be a successful photographer" article says otherwise. I love all different kinds of photography, so I never wanted to limit myself. However, I am starting to realize what I am best at and what I enjoy shooting more. With that being said, for 2014, I am planning to focus more on headshots/senior portraits and engagements. Of course, I am still going to shoot landscapes and personal projects, but when it comes to people I am ready to narrow things down.

Here are some of my favorite couples in love from 2013:

2014 Resolutions
With the above being said, it's time to write the oh so dreaded resolutions. Looking ahead in 2014 these are my top three:
1. Get better!
2. Narrow down my niche
3. Shoot more personal projects and conceptual ideas
Happy New Year everyone!


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